FBC McAlester Newsletter December 17,2018


We have sung the words a thousand times, “O come let us adore Him.” But what does it mean? To adore means to love and respect deeply. When we sing the words, “let us adore Him,” we aren’t saying let us come and see Him. We aren’t saying let us swoon for a season over Him. We aren’t saying let us praise Him when it is convenient. We are declaring that we are deeply overcome with fervent love and profound respect for Him. Once you adore someone you are unable to un-adore them. This month we will come together and focus our attention on adoring Him, that it may

change how we adore Him the rest of the year. Join us and invite someone to be a part of this wonderful season at First Baptist Church.

I want to take a moment to remind you of two important happenings for FBC.

First, on December 16, 2018, at 5:00 PM in the sanctuary we will hold a very important Special Called Family Business Meeting. During this Family Meeting, the Properties Committee will bring a recommendation to repeal the vote on the original master relocation plan. This is a nec- essary step in order for us to move forward with relocation plans. You will learn more about why this step is necessary at the Family Meeting. The Committee on Committees will also make a rec- ommendation to install a new Relocation Committee made up of 11 people. This committee will be tasked to help create a new master plan that fits our current and future ministry needs as we consid- er relocating to the new property. If you are a member of the First Baptist Church family, you are an important voice in this decision for our future. We need to hear from, or at least have the votes from as many of you, young and old, as possible. I realize the tension the relocation created in our con- gregation in the past. I believe in the unity of the church. As we make decisions, it is necessary that we speak wisely, prayerfully, and spiritually as we move Forward Together in this decision. Please consider your every word and thought. Be an agent of unity by the power of the Holy Spirit. God is going to see us through this time for His glory and our good! I am excited to see how He calls us to progress.

Second, beginning in January there will be a shift in the printing of The Baptist Messenger. The Baptist Messenger will go from a weekly publication to a semi-monthly publication. In this change the convention is no longer offering the newsletter wrap for churches. If you currently re- ceive The Baptist Messenger you will continue to do so and the church will no longer have to pay for this subscription. We realize the Messenger newsletter wrap is a very important piece in our communication strategy. Our plan for this transition is to continue sending the digital edition of our newsletter to everyone for whom we have an email address. If you do not currently receive the newsletter by email and would like to do so, please contact Patti Green in the church office at 918.423.0990 and ask to be added to our emailing list. If you are unable to utilize email and would still like to receive the newsletter, we would be happy to mail you a copy each week. A post office mailing should only be taken as an option if you are unable to utilize email. This will reduce cost, work, and time. We will adjust the newsletter to make sure it is more email friendly for those who need larger fonts.

Church I love you, and I praise God that we are moving Forward. We are seeing God’s good hand at work among us. Please join me in praying that God would bless us, and enlarge our borders, and that His hand might be on us, keeping us from harm!

I Love You, Church! Pastor Rusty

Things to know this week

Deacons of the Week (December 2 – 8)

  • Ed Brooks (918) 916-2122

  • Mat Hutson (918) 470-0350

Wednesday Night Supper Helper

  • Gwen grizzle

Wednesday, December 5 

  • Full Worship w/Rescued

Thursday, December 6

  • WMU Luncheon | 11:30 am | Fellowship Hall | Lottie Moon presentation

Tuesday, January 8

  • Primetimers Luncheon | 11:30 am | Fellowship Hall

  • Gideon Meeting | 6:30 pm | Western Sizzlin

Prayer Requests

  • Pastor Rusty McMullen

  • Students, Teachers, Staff & Administration

  • Sunday Services

  • Hurricane Michael Victims & Survivors

  • All Together Fellowships

  • Interceding in the Streets

  • Special Called Family Business Meeting