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August 26, 2019

People are like a harvest, valuable and vulnerable.” I love when God puts together His plan. Over the last 8 weeks we have studied about “Who’s Your One” and a relational plan of sharing the Gospel with broken people through “3 Circles” and then Dr. Dilbeck followed up with a strong word of Advancing the Gospel! God is so good to share His clear vision for us! We are a people called to Gather, Grow, and Go! God is giving us an ever clearer picture of this vision. I can’t wait to continue to fill in the gaps for us as a congregation concerning this clear vision in the days ahead. Don’t miss church on Sunday mornings as we continue to discover our calling Together!

This Sunday we will have one service at 11:00 am and Grow Groups (formerly Sunday School or Small Groups) at 9:45 am. We will be sharing the Lord’s Supper, having baptisms, and hearing from the Ecuador Team during our service. Beginning September 4th, Wednesdays at First Baptist activities will kick off. If you plan to take one of the classes, you may purchase the books in the office. Lastly, September 8th will be Baptism Sunday. If you have never taken the step of baptism in your spiritual walk, let us help you. During the 11:00 service we will baptize any person who needs to take that step of obedience to Jesus. Contact me if you know that you need to take that step at rmcmullen@fbcmcalester.org.

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You can buy a book for the studies in the church office.

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Congratulations, Raylynn! We are so glad you decided to take the next step of obedience and follow up in baptism.


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The Alsips (Kylene, Aaron, Judah and Shiloh). We are so overjoyed that you have made the decision to join our Family. We are so blessed to have you!


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