“Our objective is to build!”

King’s Kids Director: Lynn Bledsoe | 918.429-7751

children’s director: carrie wood | 918-.613.9049


  • OPEN TO ANY CHILD! After the maximum enrollment is reached, we will be happy to take children on a call-in basis, provided there is space on that day. An enrollment fee for supplies is payable upon enrollment and is non-refundable.


  • Children are to arrive no earlier than 8:15 AM. The alley door will be unlocked at 8:30 AM. You may come in the west door if you arrive early. Children are to be picked up promptly at 2 PM. Parents who are late will be requested to pay $1 per child for each five minutes after 2 PM. Parents who are late will be requested to pay $1 per child for each 5 minutes they are late. No child will be released to a person not authorized to pick up the child.


  • The first week of King’s Kids the parents are requested to park and walk in with their child. Thereafter, parents are encouraged to use the alley drop off to park and walk in with their child. Thereafter, parents are encouraged to use the alley drop off on the south side of the building. Drive west through the alley and exit on 1st Street.


  • IN THE INTEREST of every child’s well—being, only healthy children will be cared for at th church. IF A CHILD HAS SYMPTOMS of illness in the last 24 hours such as:

    Elevated Temperature




  • Parents are requested to keep them at home.

  • IF SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS are observed at the church, the child will be isolated and a parent notified to pick up the child as soon as possible.

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, a parent will be called; if one cannot be reached, other contacts on file will be notified first. The name of a local doctor will be required of all parents.


  • The monthly fees are payable on the first school day of each month. All payments should be paid in the nursery


  • PLEASE NOTIFY the Center if your child will be absent. If you child is absent due to a contagious disease, please let us know. There will be no reduction in payment if the child is absent due to illness.. King’s kids teacher salaries and overhead expenses cannot be reduced because of”absentee losses” in income. Therefore, we must charge regardless of attendance in order to support the enrollment space guaranteed for your child. We hope you understand our need for financial stability and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in the matter.


  • Parents are to bring diaper bags, complete with bottles, baby food, etc. or sack lunches for their children. Please clearly label the diaper bag, lunch boxes or sacks with the child’s name. your child will possible be asked to provide snacks for the class on a rotating basis. Teachers will provide snack calendars. Please bring finger foods for toddlers and older.


  • Please put labels or names on all outer garments, including hats, gloves, etc. Please also label pacifiers and blankets. For the older children it is encouraged to send an extra set of clothes in case of accidents.


  • We request that you leave your child’s toys at home or in your car. We cannot be responsible for toys brought to King’s Kids Learning Center. However, if you child has a security blanket or toy they sleep with and need during rest time, please label it clearly.


  • Parents will sign a written slip for field trips made during the year. All rips will be announced in advance.


  • If McAlester Public Schools are closed due to bad weather, King’s Kids Learning Center will be cancelled.


  • Advance notice will be given for holidays and other days for which King’s Kids Learning Center will be closed.

Your Child’s opportunity for Spiritual Growth

  • our teaching staff is dedicated to making King’s kids learning center a positive learning experience for preschoolers from 8 months to three years old.

  • We want to meet the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social needs of your child in a warm and loving environment.

  • our rooms are arranged into play/learning centers where children can make choices for individual and small group activities. We have a well-planned curriculum which provides a teaching topic for each month, around which we organize activities.

Our teachers are CWE (Christian Weekday Education) certified and have completed a criminal background check.

“Our Object is to Build!”


From others so that the child can love and accept himself/herself and from the teacher who treats each child impartially, yet individually from the child to promote health development and self-image.



  • Acknowledges each child is created in the image of God and worthy of respect from peers, teachers, and parents and that in turn gives respect to others

  • In self, self-image, personality, in peer group, in the teacher who is consistent, patient and secure


  • That’s physical—a hug, a smile, a touch

  • That’s emotional—the act of caring

  • It’s love that is modeled after the love of God shown through His Son


  • Of the classroom by the teacher through constructive guidance of the child in learning activities, and self-control as the child learns what he or she can and cannot do within the learning environment and the group situation.


  • for the child toward those who care as a foundation of his/her ultimate trust in God; in the environment as it provides his/her physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.


  • As the child learns to depend on the teacher and have confidence in the guidance, to depend on self, and the ability to do things independently.